Tackling bedwetting these holidays

Holiday series #4: Transitioning kids into their own bedroom

Moving into their own bedroom is a big and exciting step for kids. But sometimes the transition isn’t always a smooth one. For some kids sleeping alone can be intimidating at first, so here are some tips to help make that transition as stress-free as possible.

Make the new space feel safe
  • If your child takes daytime naps, encourage them to take naps in their new bedroom to get used to the new environment during daylight hours.
  • It might be worth parents sleeping in the child’s room with them on a spare mattress for the first few nights, just until they’re falling asleep comfortably.
Make the new space familiar
  • If your child has any comfort objects like a favourite toy or blanket, encourage them to sleep with it in their new bedroom.
  • If your child's nervous in the dark, having a night light or dim lighting in their room, so they can see their surroundings, can help to provide comfort and familiarity.
Make the new space fun!
  • Involve your child in the process of setting up their new sleeping space i.e. choosing their bed, blankets, pillows, and decorations!
  • If your child is old enough to have friends visit, have them play in your child’s room. This may help your child feel the benefits of having their own space.
  • If there are any specific issues you feel might prevent your child from transitioning smoothly into their own bedroom, such as a fear of the dark, or if your child is a little older and still wetting the bed, have a chat to your doctor for further support. You might find this checklist we have created helpful to guide the discussions with your doctor. You can also visit the Continence Foundation of Australia for further information.


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